Dangerous Cybersecurity Legislation Threatens Online Privacy


Dangerous Cybersecurity Legislation Threatens Online Privacy:

President Barack Obama:

We urge you to veto the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). This bill has the same grave civil liberties problems as the version introduced last year, which you promised to veto.

CISPA would create a gaping loophole in all existing privacy law. It would let any company, from AT&T to Zynga, obtain “cyber threat” information (including personal and private information from my accounts) and disclose that data to the U.S. government.

CISPA is a bill that sacrifices liberty without improving security. We deserve both.  Please defend the civil liberties of Internet users by renewing your commitment to veto CISPA.

Thank you.


Un-Ruining the MMO (by MrBtongue):

A good friend of mine Dante sent me a message on Skype today, with a link to a video by a chap called MrBtongue. He makes some very good points about the issues with MMO these days and WoW clones. Dont get me wrong WoW is a good game, just the same as CoD is. What they do, they do very well, and their is clearly a need for them in the market. But that doesn’t mean every MMO or FPS should clone their core mechanics, swap out the models and textures and call it a new game.

The video starts of with a sports analogy, i know not my cup of tea either. But it only lasts 2.45 minutes and its serves a purpose so stick with it.

Un-Ruining the MMO (by MrBtongue):

Days of Valor: http://www.indiedb.com/games/dov

How hard is Games Design?

A few years a go when I first started to get serious about programming my own game I thought this would be easy. I thought to myself I play games all the time. I would totally make the best game in the world. I will write up a games design document this week and release a game in a few months.

Obviously to any one that has been doing it for a serious length of time knows this is not true. Its so dam hard to get GOOD game concept written down. Sure your ideas sound great in your head, but trying to define the core mechanics of a game, into sound coherent written form is a nightmare. Its both fun, frustrating and just down right time consuming. No wonder so many people never make it to release.

Then you get the people that think that a games core elements don’t even need to be defined, you can just make the game up as you go along. I am a firm believer that this is not true, sure the game changes over time, it evolves and the original idea is just a distant memory. But the core mechanics, the core elements stay the same throughout the life cycle of the project, and ultimately define what the game is about and what challenges the player faces.

In my eyes a game is a set of core mechanics and challenges, both of which are intertwined. The core mechanics define how the player interacts with the world and how the world offers feedback to the players input. Challenges come in many forums but follow a simple principle. A player is faced with a task, if he succeeds he is reworded, if he fails he is punished. An example of which could be anything from moment in a platformer, all the way up to collecting and moving items around to solve a puzzle, hell even a head shot.

What is my point here, to be honest I am not so sure any more. What I am really looking for here is to know what you guys and gals think about games design and the importance of writing a solid games design document. Or how do you go about creating games and getting your ideas out there. I can not be the only one faced with these issues.

Days of Valor: http://www.indiedb.com/games/dov