Microsoft’s HoloLens The Future Is Here!

At the windows 10 Event the other day Microsoft announced possibly the coolest thing i have ever heard of. Something i have been waiting for since a child.. Augmented Reality. This is not just another Oculus Rift clone, in fact the idea and use is completely different but just as amazing.

Microsoft HoloLens Trailer:

Augmented Reality unlike Virtual Reality is where you blend and real and digital world together. Sort of like printing a digital canvas over what we see and hear in the real world that will enhance it and make things a lot more fun and informative. Just imagine walking down the street and with just a single glance being able to tell a store’s opening times and if an item is in stock. Or making games and movies much more immersive and realistic.With a hologram being projected right in front of your eyes through a crystal clear display you will be able to see and hear in three dimensions as you see bullets and smoke fly past you enhancing the experience to a whole new level.


The technology or concept is not something particular new. The idea has been around for a while now but as of yet there has not been a simple compatible consumer device backed by a large corporation to bring it to mass market. Something the technology really needs if it is ever going to go mainstream. Microsoft has done just that and it sort of feels as though the designs concept in Windows 8 and the new Xbox One are starting to make a little more sense.

Full Pretension From Microsoft: