Indie Games Are dead?

Indie Games Are dead? Of course not that is a stupid question. But a questions that a few crazy people seem to be being up the past few days. Clearly indie games are not dead, there is still a huge audience activly looking, funding and buying indie games. You just have to look at the stats and sales on IndieDB, Desura, and Steam to see this is crazy talk.


Hell Steam, one of the biggest digital distributors in the industry just Launched its Greenlight service to help Indie Devs get their games out there, why? Because they see it as a viable business opportunity to invest it.

Any Indie Dev that goes in just for the money is going to fail. I could easily make 10x as much money in half the time using my programming skills to write boring business applications. But I don’t, because I am in it for the games, to make something unique and interesting.

Indie Dev is hard work if you are not in it for the games, you will not make it to the end. Ask any serious IndieDev they will tell you two things. One, i wish i could sleep more, and two how they take their daily caffine hits (Coca Cola, Tea, Coffee, UndeadFred Zombie Cookie Cutters, Mana Energy Potion) that wasnt a joke they are real:

A small collection of Indie Games do become successfull and most do fail. Becuases teams go in with huge ambitions of making lots of money in a couple of months and making a AAA game. When in fact that is completely the wrong approuch. Trying to compete with a AAA studio is crazy, they have more time, money, marketing budgets, and people. The area Indie Games really shine in is trying unique and interesting core game play mechanics. The kind of mechanics that a AAA studio would not risk the cost of a full team of developers on, because they are not “Market Proven”.

Like any buissness venture you need to know your market. Indies Gamers are not looking for AAA games or another Call of Duty clone. They are looking for something different, something unique, something fun, something that is not just another AAA clone with new models and textures.

I am hoping someone will back me up here, I am starting to second guess my own decisions (I need sleep), these kinds of people make me want to give up.
Am i wrong here guys and gals?

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The Free Indie Bundle


I am still surprised by the number of people that haven’t heard of The Free Indie Bundle. Its on of my favourite bundles and they often have amazing indie games that are normally commercial titles. If you have some extra time to spare or just looking for something a little different to play this is defiantly the bundle for you.

Being an indie games developer myself I think its about time more free indie games got some good press. There are so many great indie games out there that are unsuccessful for the sole reason no one knows about them.

From what I have seen so far most of the games will work on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Age of Empires II HD on steam

Some amazing news today guys and gals, Ensemble Studios the makers of the Age of Empires series is re-releasing Age of Empires II on steam, with full support for Steam Workshop. I can wait to see all the mods the community is going to start releasing.

One of the biggest selling points for me is multi-monitor support and high resolution game play. This is arguably one of the best RTS games ever made. I have great memories of playing black forest, chopping deep into the woods and building 100+ walls to keep out the enemy was hours of fun.

It is on sale until the 9th of April 2013, and if you pre-order before the 9th you will get special early access from the 5th April 2013.

This is well worth picking up for steam support and bug fixes, playing AoE II after vista was tedious at times. There is a reason steam is so popular, it makes it so easy to download and play games. A side note you can still play the original Age of Empires II online using GamerRanger:


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Hardware: Shipbreakers


Hardware: Shipbreaker
Dev’s Behind the Homeworld franchise release a teaser trailer for their new game Hardware: Ship Breakers.

The developers over at BlackBird Interactive have released a teaser trailer for their new game. The game is called Hardware: Shipbreakers. There is very little info at the moment, but the trailer is Epic.

You can sign up to be a part of the first wave of beta testers at: