Un-Ruining the MMO (by MrBtongue):

A good friend of mine Dante sent me a message on Skype today, with a link to a video by a chap called MrBtongue. He makes some very good points about the issues with MMO these days and WoW clones. Dont get me wrong WoW is a good game, just the same as CoD is. What they do, they do very well, and their is clearly a need for them in the market. But that doesn’t mean every MMO or FPS should clone their core mechanics, swap out the models and textures and call it a new game.

The video starts of with a sports analogy, i know not my cup of tea either. But it only lasts 2.45 minutes and its serves a purpose so stick with it.

Un-Ruining the MMO (by MrBtongue):

Days of Valor: http://www.indiedb.com/games/dov


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